Recall 17E-053 : Duralast DL930676K 2007-2010 Ford Edge/Lincoln MKX

Stud Identification

  • The recall only applies to Duralast part number DL930676K (front wheel hub bearing and spindle repair kit) which was purchased or exchanged at AutoZone between 9/27/16 and 9/15/17.
  • The spindles were assembled with alternate studs, which have a wide shoulder that may interfere with the assembly of mating parts.
  • The interference may only be overcome by applying extreme pressure to mate the parts together.
  • The application of such pressure to the studs can cause them to loosen and the wheel to wobble or vibrate.
  • If this vibration or wobbling is not heeded and the vehicle is not brought to a stop, a vehicle crash can occur.
  • The affected spindles can be identified by studs that have a protruding shoulder measuring 14.2 mm or greater in diameter where the stud meet the spindle.

Spindle Identification

  • Search for the manufacturer identification markings on the outer face of the spindle.
  • Lot codes etched on the face of the spindle can be used to identify affected spindles.
  • The lot codes for affected spindles are: FH38, FJ38, FN38, FP38, FS38, FV38, FY38, FZ38, and HC38.
  • All other lot codes not specified here are unaffected by this recall.
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